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Building a minimalist skincare routine

Building a minimalist skincare routine
Glow Gen is all about building a simple, stress free yet effective skincare routine that soothes sensitised skin. We recognise that most people don’t have the time or resources to commit to the ‘perfect 10-step routine’ (not to mention applying too many products can have adverse effects on sensitive skin!)
For all of our Glow Gen tribe who share our belief in the above (and want some insight into the way we have designed our range- launching soon!), READ ON for our best advice on crafting a minimalist skincare regime that still delivers incredible results.



1. Use a gentle cleanser that don’t strip your delicate skin barrier

Choosing a gentle cleanser is essential for your daily routine, especially during MCO when we need to shower and sanitise more regularly. Ensuring that you opt for a gentle, SLES-free cleanser is the best way to go for sensitive skin to maintain the integrity of your skin’s natural barrier. Using a stripping cleanser is a sure fire way to trigger the sebaceous gland to go into emergency mode, over-producing oil to compensate. We love a cleanser that includes gentle fruit acids to micro-exfoliate and refine your pores from the inside out while you cleanse (ours is launching soon!).

2. Don’t over-do the active ingredients!

Active ingredients are important in building a good skincare routine BUT we are seeing an increase in all kinds of products featuring strong active ingredients with minimal instructions on how they react on your skin when combined, especially for sensitive skin (including acids, vitamin C retinols and more!). We recommend focusing on improving one skin concern with your serum at once, introducing one product to your routine at a time to ensure your skin isn’t overwhelmed or confused by multiple powerful, possibly incompatible ingredients. This way if your skin reacts badly, it is much easier to identify which ingredient may be responsible.

3. Introduce a clay mask for a gentle detox
If you notice your skin is feeling extra congested or inflamed, make a clay mask a regular addition to your routine. Clay masks have incredible detoxifying properties as they are able to gently draw excess oils and impurities from your pores, calming existing breakouts and reducing future inflammations. Our clay mask (launching soon!) also includes Australian anti-bacterial active ingredient tea tree extract, which assists with soothing the skin and improving bacterial acne. 

4. Choose an appropriately nourishing moisturiser

Moisturisers are a must-have within any skincare routine but it’s incredibly important to choose a moisturiser that suits your skin type and climate. Avoid choosing a moisturiser that is too rich for your skin if you have combination or oily skin as the product that isn’t absorbed by your skin can sit on the surface and block your pores, feeding bacteria on the skin and creating breakouts that are painful and difficult to manage. Because of this, we recommend a light, gel cleanser for most skin types. Make sure that the ingredients in your moisturiser are gentle and don’t cause irritation as it’s a product that sits on your skin all day and can have a large impact on your skin quality!

5. Apply sunscreen
Our team are true advocates of daily sunscreen usage (and reapplication!) Whether you work inside or outside, SPF50+ sunscreen will protect your skin from premature aging and sunspots. While indoors, SPF is still important to protect you from the blue light emitted by your electronic devices as well as any UV light entering your home or office via the windows! Be sure to choose a sunscreen with adequate protection (SPF30+ and above) and reapply according to the directions. Our preference is to use a two in one sunscreen and moisturiser in the morning to prevent clogging our pores with too many layers of product, and touching up throughout the day with an exciting product we are launching soon to make reapplying sunscreen easier than ever! #staytuned

To summarise,
Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser, focus on one skincare concern at a time with your serum choice to prevent irritation, then apply your moisturiser. We recommend applying a SPF50+ 2-in-1 sunscreen moisturiser in the morning to protect your skin from premature aging without clogging your pores with too many layers of lotion. When your skin needs a detox, apply a detoxifying clay mask after cleansing and before serum.
This comes down to 3 essential daily products and 2 treatment products you can use when your skin needs some extra love. Let us know if your skin loves this minimalist approach!


Love, #GlowGen

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