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WFH Skincare Tips

WFH Skincare Tips

Have you been stressed out in lockdown and seen it impact your skin? Perhaps an increase in breakouts, maskne or sensitivity? We have heard from our #glowgen tribe that MCO has coincided with a massive increase in skin sensitivity and breakouts and we’re on a mission to help!


To help tackle your skin woes, we’ve got some quick and most importantly FREE ways to improve your skin health at home! Continue reading for a few SIMPLE tips you can follow to ensure that your skin turns a corner- ready, set GLOW! 


  • Keep your hands away from your face!
    If you pay attention, most people find that they touch their face in their daily lives more often than they think they do- not to mention the deadly skincare sin of picking at breakouts! Touching your skin introduces dirt and bacteria to your face that can quickly clog pores and trigger infections. Turn a new leaf today and keep those fingers away from your skin at all costs- your skin will thank you.

  • Drink lots of water
    Dehydration can result in dull, lifeless skin and increased oil production (hello breakouts!). Dermatologists recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day to enjoy more youthful, radiant and clear skin! We recommend purchasing a dedicated water bottle to keep on your desk to help you keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day. Hydrated skin is happy skin!

  • Use cloth masks and wash them regularly
    Disposable masks expose your face to whatever chemicals were used during the manufacturing process- we have seen first hand a huge improvement in our maskne when we switched to reusable cloth masks with removable filters. We recommend purchasing at least 3 and switching out your mask for a fresh, washed one every few days to prevent bacteria building up.

  • Cleanse twice a day
    Wash your face regularly with a gentle cleanser in the morning and night

    We have increased our cleanser use to twice a day (morning and night) to assist with tackling tricky breakouts. We have been testing our soon-to-launch pore refining cleanser, which includes gentle fruit acids to assist with cell turnover and keep breakouts at bay. Using a gentle, refining cleanser morning and night will help prevent buildup in your pores and minimise breakouts. Follow up with a gentle, light moisturiser or moisturising SPF milk (in the AM) to reduce congestion. 

  • Keep your hair tied up!
    Sure it’s not the most glamorous to rock a ponytail daily, but we have seen HUGE benefits in our skin while working from home when we made the commitment to tie up our hair while working (even when freshly washed!). We take this a step further and use a headband as well to keep all stray hairs around the face at bay. Your hair is coated with oils that help keep the strands healthy, but when these oils come into contact with your skin repeatedly they can create buildup in your pores and trigger breakouts. This is one of our most effective tips!

  • Moderate air conditioning use
    Air conditioning makes working at home more comfortable, but keeping the air conditioning on 24/7 can dehydrate your skin, especially if you are not drinking enough water. We’ve already discussed above how important maintaining the hydration levels of your skin is for a healthy and clear complexion! We recommend being mindful and taking breaks from air conditioning every so often to allow your skin to maintain its hydration barrier. 

  • Avoid wearing makeup if not necessary
    MCO is a great time to take a makeup break and let your skin recover as you work from home. We have been ditching foundation in favour of spot touch-ups with concealer, and keep makeup looks simple when we need to make the occasional zoom call. Our favourite simple routine includes items that make minimal contact with the skin- mascara, brow gel and sometimes a hint of gel blush and tinted lip balm to brighten up the face which still lets most of your skin breathe!

We hope these tips help you improve your skin concerns while working from home. If you try any of these tips let us know your feedback, we love hearing from you! We regularly share skin hacks on our instagram so keep in touch with us there if you want more tips and tricks to improve your skin for free!

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